Rehab & Retirement

Rehabilitation of injuries, layups following surgery, or quiet retirements – WB Therapy is a premier facility where quiet, efficient care can be administered daily with the mental and physical health of each horse a priority.

Rehabilitations and layup can be time consuming and require a level of care a horse owner or boarding facility is not prepared to perform. WB Therapy facilities are safely designed to care for a wide variety of horses in various stages of treatment from 24/7 stall rest to full turnout. The WB Therapy team is experienced in a wide variety of post-operative care including banadaging, administering medication, hand grazing, hand walking, tack walking, and controlled exercise leading up to a returned level of optimum condition. Rehabilitation and layup progression is monitored closely and daily regimens and treatments are administered under your veterinarians post-operative or recovery guidelines.

Retirement at WB Therapy comes with peace of mind that the highest level of care for senior horses can be administered on a daily basis. Common concerns such as arthritis, joint issues, muscle stiffness, and specialized diets are taken into consideration and can be treated on a daily basis using onsite whole body and targeted therapies at request. Regular vet, farrier, and dentist appointments can be conducted onsite with WB Therapy staff present to assist. WB Therapy staff has each retirees best interest in mind ensuring they enjoy the later years of their life in safety and comfort.

  • New Facility Coming Soon

  • New Facility Coming Soon